Signature Pad Sigma – Without backlight

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Display: 4″ (10,5 cm) monochrome display with or without backlight
Active Signing Area: 320 x 160 pixel
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 145 x 177 x 12 mm
Connection: USB


The Signature Pad Sigma without backlight is a highly developed product that can be used to transfer electronic signature to the PDF or Word documents. The technological importance now a day has lead to the use of PDF documents very extensively for any kind of official or business deal. However, in most of the cases, people question about the authenticity in showcasing these e-documents. Therefore, the need emerged to develop a technology that would be useful to convert manual signatures into digitised or electronic form and encoded in the PDF documents of the e-world. Our device without backlight helped in solving issues for signing electronic documents.

The European Parliament has approved the electronic signature software. A regulation that helps in providing authentication and reliability of the digitally signed Word or PDF documents has been passed. The electronic signature that meets the following qualities will be considered as authentic in nature:

  • Device must be efficient to identity the signature of the signatory.
  • Signature must be linked to the signatory uniquely.
  • Any subsequent changes in the piece of the data already saved in the device must be identified.
  • Under direct control of the signatory, the e-signature has been made with a device or any means possible.

The signature pad without backlight converts the manually composed signature created on the screen of the device into digital format. The device then helps in pasting the digital signature into the PDF or other files. A specialised pen is used for signature that is manufactured by Signotec itself. However, the experts can only examine the signature with the help of special software. If necessary, the authentication of the signature can be done at a later stage.

The LCD Signature Pad Sigma without backlight even comes with security software and with the adequate security factor and other mechanisms it helps in secured transfer of data, even the signatures. Every important and relevant data is stored in device that is related to the characteristic of the signature (made by the special pen-like device of signotec). This enables any kind of misuse of the signature. Verifying and authenticating the signature and its signatory is also not a problem, with proper availability of forensic data.

However, the electronic signature devices without the backlight facility can be difficult to use in rooms with deficit amount of light. If provided with the backlight feature, the users could use them in darker rooms as well. On the other hand, this may not be taken as a major setback while evaluating the electronic signature pads without the backlight facility. With a view to the price of the gadget, this device serves as one of the most suitable electronic wonders for conducting authentic paperwork related to legalisation of e-documents.


The Sigma signature pad is available with or without backlight. The device with backlight is particularly suitable if you have to work under changing or unknown light conditions, e.g. in field service.

The Sigma signature pad can optionally be supplied with an FTDI chip. This chip converts the USB signal into a virtual COM signal, so that the device can be used in virtual environments, such as Remote Desktop (RDP) or Citrix.

The mode can not be changed from USB to vCOM or vice versa.

For operation, the free FTDI driver is required. You can find it in the download area of our website.

Type 10,5 cm (4″) Mono-LCD, optional with LED backlight
Colours Monochrome
Resolution 320 x 160 pixels
Scroll-Function No
Type RTP (Resistive-Touch-Panel)
Pen Pen with special, resilient pen tip (changeable)
Surface Special foil surface for RTP sensors
Life expectancy approx. 1 Million Signatures
Pressure Stages 1.024
Sample Rate 500 Hz, 4D Samples (x, y, z, t)
Active Signing Area 91 x 45 mm
Resolution 4.096 x 4.096 Pixel absolute ≙ 2.214 x 1.130 ppi
Encryption AES- and RSA-Encryption
Secure Mode Real-time display of the signature without usable biometrics
PDF-Signature RSA signature creation device inside the pad
Hash-Algorithms SHA-256 und SHA-512
More information can be found below in the tab “Security features”.
Connection USB (approx. 2,0 meters cable length)
Power Supply USB
Network (TCP/IP) Yes, with optional signotec USB-Ethernet-Adaptor
Terminal Server / Citrix Yes, optional with hardware FTDI chip or signotec vCOM driver
Citrix Virtual Channel Yes, optional with signotec Virtual Channel driver
Dimensions (W x D x H) 160 x 120 x 10 mm
Weight approx. 180g
Status LED 2-colour status LED
Slideshow Yes, you can configure one standby image inside the pad.
Customization Change of housing color and logo print (on request)
Warranty 2 years

RSA-Security Features

The signotec pads (Omega firmware 1.25, Sigma 1.16) have the highest security mechanisms. This will allow a complete chain of evidence in dispute. Depending on the integration, different techniques are used
  • PDF documents can be signed inside the pad and not in the insecure environment of the PC.
  • The biometrics from the signature pad are RSA-encrypted and signed inside the pad and not in the insecure environment of the PC.
  • The pad LCD-screen content with the signature can be RSA-signed inside the pad.
  • Each pad has a separate and unique RSA certificate from delivery.
  • Saving a custom RSA certificate inside the pad.
  • The pad can generate an RSA certificate inside.
  • Supported schemes are RSA PKCS # 1 v1.5 (with or without the hash OID), PKCS # 1 v2.1
  • Certificates can be certified by a Root Authority
  • Supported hash algorithms are SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512.
Weight 180 g
Dimensions 145 × 177 × 12 mm


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