SignoSign/2 – Signature Software

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  • Automatic and dynamic signature positioning, depending on the loaded document
  • Plug-Ins (existing extensions: iPhone Plug-In, IP-Pads Plug-In)
  • Selection/Creation of an individual certificate
  • Encryption of biometrics inside the pad

With “signoSign/2” you are able to create and sign PDF-documents with your own handwritten signature. The signatures are then incorporated into further electronic workflows without media discontinuity.

As input device for the handwritten signature you can use our Sign-Pads, a Windows Tablet-PC, an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

Stop printing paper “just” for the signature! Lower your costs, speed up your processing-time and prevent abuse absolutely reliable.

In the development of signoSign/2 we paid special attention to the usability, so that the application can easily be matched with your company needs in just a few clicks. All positive characteristics of available signature software was affiliated and optimized in a way, that a process – no matter in which industrial sector – can be entirely displayed digitally in shortest amount of time

During signing, characteristic information of the signature, like writing speed and pressure are going to be safely stored in the document, which later on can be evaluated analog like a handwritten signature by a handwriting expert. The transfer of data from the signotec-pads to the PC is encrypted, due to that its impossible to spy on the biometric characteristics. The biometrics could be encrypted inside the pad using an RSA public key. After the confirmation, the document signed with signoSign/2 is going to be archived automatically and is retrievable at any time.

The in- and output management via XML-documents makes it easier, to tether the application to existing systems. Like this the system is for example deployable in the insurance business for application forms, in the industry for service reports and in banks for the signing of deposit receipts. In the medical business, medical reports are digitally ascertainable, the trade is using the signotec solution multiple for POS-transactions.



  • Automatic and dynamic signature positioning, depending on the loaded document
  • Complete and save PDF forms
  • Attach images from webcam or scanner (e.g. ID card) to the existing document
  • Define placeholders
  • Display confirmation and text on the pad during the signature process
  • Insert images into the document automatically
  • Automatic saving with individual file name (including placeholders, date, original file name, etc.)
  • Automatic mailing of the signed document
  • Forwarding the signed document to an external application
  • Automatic printing and copying
  • Support 2 pads at the same time and possibility to assign to a specific signature field
  • Support electronic archives, structure and format of the index files individually adjustable
  • Fully automatic indexing of documents
  • Plug-Ins (existing extensions: iPhone Plug-In, IP-Pads Plug-In)
  • Archive Plug-In Interface
  • Selection/Creation of an individual certificate
  • Customization and protection of the user interface
  • Export and import configurations
  • Sign the document directly in the pad
  • Encryption of biometrics inside the pad
  • No Adobe Acrobat required
  • Advanced electronic signature (according to the European signature law)

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