How Electronic Signatures Can Help Photographers

One of the best ways to outshine your small photo business is to use these automated and digital solutions. For example, if you digitally track your documents, you don’t have to do paperwork so you can focus on your photography. In addition, you can email digital documents directly to your customers, including legal documents that will act as a legal proof.

By digitizing your documents, you can email the customer any legal documents in a published format. In my opinion, this has three main advantages that really help your company. You don’t have to send out a contract and the customer doesn’t have to send it back, physically. With a digital signature, the customer can sign and return the document almost immediately. The contracts can be quickly created using eSignatures in Word and PDF formats.

Motives of government for legalizing eSignatures:

  • Ensuring Online Document signing is legally binding
  • Making contracts process faster and efficiently
  • Mandating accurate record keeping for protecting consumers

You can upload documents, specify signature locations (or provide one signature at the end) and send contracts through email. With a simple dashboard you can track the status of all outgoing and incoming contracts. Do you know, some of the interesting features of a digital signature for Photographers includes fax signatures for recipients who prefer to sign by hand, and an additional level of verification that allows you to ask the recipient for a password that you provide or other personal information, such as the last four digits of their personal identification number.

Our handy templates help you instantly prepare documents. With digital signatures as well as with other eSignature solutions you can sign documents and authenticate the signer. In addition, some industries support specific standards based on digital signature technology. Only the section dealing with the choice of law would become invalid and the rest of the agreement would be enforceable.

As per the court rulings, following documents require an electronic signature which is important in a photography business:

  • Emails
  • Documents Signed with an e-Pen
  • Accepting EULA – End-User Licence Agreement
  • Signing an Online Documents


This contract serves as a sample approval, which grants the photographer the irrevocable right, the photos in any form and in all media and in any way, without any restriction regarding changes or modifications, for advertising, trade, sales promotion, exhibition or advertising to use for other lawful purposes. The photographer can leave the images to third parties for use. All usage fees and credits for the images remain the property of the Photographer.

When high resolution digital files are purchased, written approval is provided with those files. The release grants the customer the right to reproduce the images provided only for personal use and does not allow the photos to be changed, sold or published. The customer further agrees not to deliver any images to any third party without the written permission of the Photographer.

Go ahead and make your business faster with the implementation of eSignatures. Reduce the time spent in signing lengthy contracts. Quickly create documents using eSignature in word and pdf formats. For more info write to us at


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